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From: Michael Ring <m DOT ring AT ndh DOT net>
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Subject: VIM 5.7 package available for testing
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 08:19:02 +0200
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I have uploaded vim-5.7 to sourceware.cygnus.com.
The files can be found in /pub/cygwin/private/cygwin-editors-824

If this package prooves to stable then perhaps corinna or cgf can put
it in the latest distribution

This package provides vim with terminfo support (No need for ncurses)
There is also a patch included from Chuck Wilson that fixes colors for
syntax highlighting.

I've also made the package conform to the new cygwin 'standards' as it

o cygwin-specific docs in /usr/doc/Cygwin/<package>-<version>.README
o generic docs in /usr/doc/<package>-<version>/*
o source archive already has the cygwin specific patch applied
o cygwin specific README and patch are stored in the source archive,
under <top>/CYGWIN-PATCHES/* (although the patch has already been
applied to the archive itself).

If you want to compile vim for yourself, please follow the

untar the src-archive

    tar zxvf vim-5.7-src.tar.gz

then change to the src/vim-5.7/src directory

If you prefer building from the original sources
the patch is included in

To configure, type:

    ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-min-features=yes --with-x=no \
    --disable-pythoninterp --disable-perlinterp --disable-tclinterp \
    --enable-gui=no --disable-gpm --exec-prefix=/

if you want a basic vim, which is close to standard-vi

To configure enhanced vim, type:
    ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-max-features=yes --with-x=no \
    --enable-gui=no --disable-gpm

this will give you an enhanced version of vim with everything turned
besides X11-support.

The binary package contains both versions, /bin/vi.exe is the
version, /usr/bin/vim.exe is the enhanced version.

In addition to this you can also build a graphical version of vim if
you have
X11R6 installed. It is also possible to build a (very nice looking)
gtk+ version
if you have glib (min. v1.2.6) and gtk+ (min v1.2.6) installed. To
this type:

    ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-max-features=yes --with-x=no \
    --enable-gui=auto --disable-gpm


to build the standard or enhanced version

    make EXTRA_LIBS="-lICE -lSM"
to build the X11R6 version of vim

The last step is to install vim, do do this type:

    make install SUFFIX=.exe

Have fun,

Michael Ring

(michael-ring AT t-online DOT de)

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