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Subject: New version of bzip2 uploaded to sourceware
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 13:37:00 +0200
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I have uploaded bzip2-1.0.1-1 to sourceware

The files can be found under:


(Hmmm not the ideal place, but I did not want to create new
directories without prior authorisation to do so. What about 

/pub/cygwin/private/<name of porter> ?

and are named 


HINT: There's also a .dll + bzip2-shared.exe included. Funny thing is,
that it runs fine with a current snapshot, but stackdunps on an 'old'
1.1.2 installation. Chuck, rest of the world, any ideas ??

This version offers the following enhancements to the standard version
in latest:

o LATEST, greatest version.
o static & dynamic libraries available
o man page included
o cygwin-specific docs in /usr/doc/Cygwin/<package>-<version>.README
o generic docs in /usr/doc/<package>-<version>/*
o source archive already has the cygwin specific patch applied
o cygwin specific README and patch are stored in the source archive,
under <top>/CYGWIN-PATCHES/* (although the patch has already been
applied to the archive itself).

Have fun,

Michael Ring

Oh, yes, thanks Chuck for helping me in creating this one....

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