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Subject: Re: [Mingw-users] HOWTO setup cygwin's 'gcc -mno-cygwin' using mingw
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Kees Zeelenberg wrote:
> On the other hand, it _is_ common for MS-Windows packages to have the installation directories
> separated by package, and not by file type. E.g package X is installed in "\Program Files\X",
> and not the Unix way with its binaries in \Bin, its man files in \Man, and so on. There may be
> advantages to the Unix way, but there are also advantages to the Windows way: it is much easier
> to remove a package, old files that are no longer needed can easily be removed, and it is much
> easier to see which file belong together. Moreover, the use of large disk drives has led to the
> use of multiple drive letters, and so you cannot rely on it that \Bin, \Etc, \Man, \Share are
> on the same drive. And who would want to use up his environment space by setting loads of
> environment variables? Of course a group of Windows developers such as Mingw could decide to do
> it the Unix way, but I don't think it would be a wise decision, if only because the group is
> relatively small.

Since Chuck is asking about Cygwin and where to put MinGW built
libraries, I'm including the cygwin-apps list on this discussion.  They
may be MinGW built but it's Cygwin that is the main topic of discussion.

If any library that is downloaded from the Cygwin official site also has
MinGW libraries then those libraries should go into /usr/lib/mingw/. 
Libraries not on the official site that also include MinGW libraries
should go into the /usr/local/lib/mingw/ directory.  GCC-2.95.2-9 has
been renovated to fit this model.

Now, if the library package also contains binaries, such as the gettext
library package; IMO, the MinGW binaries should *not* be distributed in
the Cygwin package unless you distribute a different package for the
MinGW specific libraries.  If that is the case, the current MinGW
standard is to --prefix=/mingw when configuring the package.  I package
the tarball at the bottom most level so that it contains only the base
level directories.  However, IMO MinGW specific packages should not be
distributed from the Cygwin net distribution.


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