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Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001 15:58:37 -0500
From: Fred Yankowski <fred AT ontosys DOT com>
To: cygwin-apps AT cygwin DOT com
Cc: pgsql-cygwin AT postgresql DOT org
Subject: new '--shutdown' option for cygrunsrv
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The latest CVS version of cygrunsrv now has a '--shutdown' option,
enabling a feature where cygrunsrv notices the start of system
shutdown and sends the termination signal to the managed application
process at that time, giving the application a chance to shutdown
itself cleanly.

This feature is useful with applications such as the PostgreSQL
postmaster, which won't start up correctly if it was previously
terminated without a chance to clean up some files (postmaster.pid, in

See the end of
<http://sources.redhat.com/ml/cygwin-apps/2001-05/msg00075.html> for
instructions on getting cygrunsrv from CVS.

Note that PostgreSQL also needs a patch to ignore SIGHUP for shutdown
on Cygwin to work properly.

Fred Yankowski           fred AT OntoSys DOT com      tel: +1.630.879.1312
Principal Consultant     www.OntoSys.com       fax: +1.630.879.1370
OntoSys, Inc             38W242 Deerpath Rd, Batavia, IL 60510, USA

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