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From: "Ralf Habacker" <Ralf DOT Habacker AT freenet DOT de>
To: "Cygwin-Apps" <cygwin-apps AT cygwin DOT com>
Subject: RE: cygipc packaging was Updated setup.ini with descriptions, categories, and dependencies
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 20:56:20 +0200
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> >>
> >>You also need some "system calls".  In linux, these are handled by the
> >>kernel.  In cygipc, these are split between ipc-daemon (which implements
> >>some stuff itself, or calls on the Win32 low-level IPC stuff), and the
> >>client library libcygipc.a.
> >>
> >
> > You write about Win32 low-level IPC: Could this not be used for
> creating an ipc
> > deamon ?
> >
> Right -- and they are used in ipc-daemon and libcygipc.  However, as
> usual, Microsoft did not follow the POSIX standard interface for IPC
> stuff.  They windows-ized everything.  We have to write wrappers around
> the low-level Win32 calls so that they look POSIX.  (Worse, it's not
> really a one-to-one mapping.  There's other weirdness).
> <snip>
> >>aside; yeah, I've been desperately trying to contact Paul but he's not
> >>returning my email.  There's a BIG bug in binutils that I can't fix, in
> >>ADDITION to the memory leak that's causing you <ralf> so much trouble.
> >>Sigh.
> >>
> >>
> > He don't answer any mail I have send too although he ask me to help
> him to get
> > this feature running two month ago.
> >
> Paul "reappeared" in early August, but he's dropped out of sight again.
>   He wrote on the mingw-dvpr mailing list on August, 4 2001:
> "I would like to greet you after more or less sizable break. since the
> beginning of summer, I stayed in the other city, studying and being on
> vacation. I've got a short recess for reading backlog of email before
> leaving for another academic course.  I'm going to pursue that kind of
> activity - academic and job - also for the near future."
> I think we need to consider Paul MIA.  Somebody's going to have to
> REALLY dig in to the autoimport code and lick this bug -- it ain't gonna
> be Paul.
I remember that paul has added the auto-import feature to the mingw binutils
(bdf as dll),
but after I have send him the memory leak problem, he removed this and used bfd
as static lib.
Perhaps he recognized that repairing this bug would be a big problem and decided
go back. Additional he wrote a note on the cygwin or on the binutils list (I
don't remember exactly where)
that he had never published anything relating the auto-import feature on the
cygwin lists.
This seems for me that he tries to dissociate from this ??

But anyway, we have to do this.
Because I can't work on kde2 without this feature and I like to get this running
very much
I will spend some time to look into this and try to fix but I'm unsure if I
could do this alone. I need some help in understanding ld.
Perhaps I can reactive my very old knowledge about writing an os-9 relocation
loader :-)
Because I can spend only about 8 hours per week for this, it may require two or
more month to fix this.
Should discussions related this be send to the binutils and/or the cygwin list

> <snip>
> >> So, IF (and it's a big if) we decide to
> >>incorporate cygipc as a official-but-separate package(*), I will help
> >>someone else get started, and then *that* person may contribute it.
> >>
> >>(*) e.g. a cygipc package, distributed on the cygwin mirror system,
> >>installable by setup.exe -- but not part of cygwin1.dll itself.
> >>
> >>
> > So when nobody is found, the package stay as it is, and this means
> that it would
> > not be integrated into cygwin. Is that right ?
> Right.
> --Chuck

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