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Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2001 12:00:30 +0200
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Subject: fresh perlbuild and cygwin-snapshot
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I installed a recent cygwin-snapshot the last weekend (2001-08-29)
Now I tried to build perl and it is totally different as before.

./Configure doesn't detect a lot of functions:
From my logs:
< before
> after snapshotinstall:
< fwalk() NOT found.
< access() found.
< <sys/file.h> defines the *_OK access constants.
> fwalk() found.
> access() NOT found.
< alarm() found.
> alarm() NOT found.
< getpgrp() found.
< Checking to see which flavor of getpgrp is in use...
< You have to use getpgrp() instead of getpgrp(pid).
< setpgrp() found.
< Checking to see which flavor of setpgrp is in use...
< You have to use setpgrp() instead of setpgrp(pid,pgrp).
> getpgrp() NOT found.
> setpgrp() NOT found.
< chown() found.
< chroot() found.
> chown() NOT found.
> chroot() NOT found.
< cuserid() found.
> cuserid() NOT found.

And so on, most things get NOT found, some are found, but that may be
because i want to build no with libdb, libiconv, libcygipc.

During make i get time() errors because time() isn't found:
perl.c: In function `perl_parse':
perl.c:883: warning: passing arg 1 of `time' from incompatible pointer type

Dunno what is going on here, what is the trick to install a snapshot?
Uninstall cygwin, w32api, mingw before installing the snaps?



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