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Subject: Re: new 'temp' directory in CVS cinstall contains dependency WIP
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2001 18:00:27 +1000
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please try this patch (with or without the other).

It should fix the infinite recursion.

The bug is a boundary case, where inserting into the last category, with
a package that is after all the other packages results in the boundary
moving back 1 step for every insert. Ouch.

The strcasecmp problem in mingw is still an issue :}, but it might just
be a stack exhaustion problem.


Index: choose.cc
RCS file: /cvs/src/src/winsup/cinstall/choose.cc,v
retrieving revision 2.47
diff -u -p -r2.47 choose.cc
--- choose.cc 2001/08/05 01:38:46 2.47
+++ choose.cc 2001/09/24 07:58:58
@@ -803,7 +803,10 @@ _view::insert_pkg (Package *pkg)
        /* this should be a generic call to list_sort_cmp */
        if (lines[n].get_category ()
     && cat->name == lines[n].get_category ()->name)
+  {
     insert_under (n, line);
+    n++;
+  }
    if (n == nlines)

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