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Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 13:01:09 +0200
From: "Gerrit P. Haase" <gp AT familiehaase DOT de>
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Subject: Re: setup clobbers passwd
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Hallo Trevor,

Am 2001-10-27 um 12:01 schriebst du:

> The attached simple patch fixes the problem of  passwd being reset everytime
> setup is run.

> "Rename" fails if a file named "*.done" exists therefore you end up with two
> files in the /etc/postinstall named passwd-grp.bat.done and passwd-grp.bat.
> Consequently,  passwd-grp.bat clobbers your passwd every time setup is run.
> So how do you end up in this position ---- delete your passwd and group
> files after you have run setup for the first time.     I suspect this is
> happening to many users .........

O.k., I see the problem, but why is there created a second passwd-grp.bat?
I have one file there: passwd-grp.bat.done, there was never created a second
passwd-grp.bat, so how could this happen?

> The patched setup will fix the problem the first time it is run,
> unfortunately, this first time run will still reset the passwd and group
> files. However, the problem will be fixed thereafter.

We will get a lot of questions at the list, "why was my /etc/passwd
recreated...?" and all the problems reported the last time because of
big domains and so.

Fup2 cygwin-apps


Gerrit P. Haase                            mailto:gp AT familiehaase DOT de

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