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Subject: Re: setup testers wanted
From: Robert Collins <robert DOT collins AT itdomain DOT com DOT au>
To: "Charles S. Wilson" <cwilson AT ece DOT gatech DOT edu>
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Date: 02 Nov 2001 19:36:37 +1100
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On Fri, 2001-11-02 at 19:21, Charles S. Wilson wrote:
> Robert Collins wrote:

> > Oh, the other point: There's no need for the tarballs to change if they
> > current extract into the correct location. (/ IIRC)
> Well, the *names* need to change.  Currently, they are named cryptically 
> like "Xbin.tgz" and "Xf100.tgz" and "Xetc.tgz".  No version numbers -- 
> and the source package is monolithic, even though there are many 
> "binary" packages.  It'll probably be necessary to have "fake" src 
> packages (see libncurses5-X.Y-Z-src.tar.bz2) for most of these, and then 
> just one "real" src package.

Yup. Thats simply a case of a few mv commands though, right?

> Also, it is unclear whether the current division into these specific 
> separate binary tarballs is the appropriate division for official 
> setup.exe-style packages -- although keeping the current divisions would 
> be the easiest thing to do.

I believe that the division is created by an XFree86 official script,
and that they therefore correspond very closely to what
debian/redhat/suse et al distribute.
> My point: work is needed, and decisions must be made.  And that ought to 
> wait until after the new setup is unleashed and stabilized -- but that's 
> what you said in the other message, anyway.  So we agree.

Yup :}. Ok, I think setup's ready... what next? <grin>


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