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Subject: Re: cygwin-apps Digest 2 Nov 2001 18:46:34 -0000 Issue 223
From: Robert Collins <robert DOT collins AT itdomain DOT com DOT au>
To: Joshua Franklin <joshuadfranklin AT yahoo DOT com>
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On Sun, 2001-11-04 at 06:30, Joshua Franklin wrote:

> > Please follow the following guidelines:
> > 1) Don't include packages simply because a different
> > package requires
> > them. (Requires: clauses handle that).
> > 2) If setup.exe does something that needs the
> > package there, then the
> > package is essential.
> > 3) If a user expects it *no matter what* then it is
> > a reasonable
> > candidate. 
> > 
> > If you can drop a list of what needs changing to
> > this list, I'll give it
> > a once over, and so can every one else here, and all
> > things going well
> > we can tidy up setup.ini and release this beast.
> Absolutely required by setup.exe:
> bash
> cygwin
> fileutils
> sh-utils

ok, I have no issue with these all being included in base at this point.
bash - no change
cygwin - no change
fileutils - no change
no change
> If you don't install these packages, you will get
> errors about 
> bash.exe, cygwin1.dll, mkdir, or id
> A "minimal user installation", list furnished by
> Earnie Boyd.
> http://www.cygwin.com/ml/cygwin/2001-02/msg01111.html
> My additions are unzip, zip, login, and texinfo (the
> GNUish man pages always say to try "info foo").
> I wouldn't see any problem with adding a couple other
> things like less (though man already grabs it), tcsh
> for BSDers,
> and rxvt for those stuck on Win9x but want a
> scrollbar. This category could be called 
> "Core" or "Standard" and should be installed by
> default for a new installation:

I don't think we need a new category. What we need long term is the
priority concept... but that may have to wait. I've removed the entries
from the list below that are already in base or to which no changes need
to happen

ash -> shells base
must be included in base - it's /bin/sh
bzip2 - utils misc
I think the utils is the debian category. AFAIK archive is a rpm
lets make bzip2 utils and misc.

(Misc is a mgic category reserved for this purpose).
clear -> utils misc

file -> utils misc

gawk -> interpreters misc
(I think that in rpm/deb systems so many things depend on gawk, that it
is why it can be listed as optional)

gdbm -> database
( In debian, IIRC gdbm runs the dpkg database. For us it's not base)

man -> Doc misc
patch -> Utils misc

texinfo - not needed directly...
However, every package that has info based pages should dependon texinfo
IMO. Thoughts anyone?

time -> utils misc

unzip -> utils misc
(I favour abolishing archive as a separate category). (because all
archivers are utilities)

vim -> Editors misc
zip -> utils misc

> If anyone's interested, this will result in a ~40MB
> c:\cygwin tree.

Not bad.
> A note about texinfo: if you try to invoke it like
> "info ls", it complains:
> package so it works OOTB (or at least something about
> how to create one).

IIRC one package actually overwrote that file directly. Package
maintainers should have their post-install script call mkinfo or
whatever it is to install their info files.

I'm adding this to the packge making checklist on setup.html
> A note about vim: 
> libncurses6 and gettext need to be added to requires
> in setup.ini

I've done this. (Corinna, I hope you don't mind).

> Also, any thoughts about making a smaller /bin/vi that
> doesn't do syntax highlighting

lets keep our scope narrow here. There's plenty of room for new stuff
once this setup && setup.ini hit the streets.

> A note about which:
> The requires line for which looks like this: 
> "requires: ash cygwin jpeg zlib"
> It seemed to work fine when I removed jpeg and zlib,
> but maybe there's something I don't know 
> about how which works internally (but jpeg?)

I think which got confused with another package at some point. 


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