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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 07:55:39 +0100
From: "Gerrit P. Haase" <gp AT familiehaase DOT de>
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Subject: Re: RFP: joe-2.9.7
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Hallo Charles,

Am 2001-12-03 um 18:38 schriebst du:

> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

>> Hallo Cygwinners,
>> I want to contribute joe to the netrelease of Cygwin.
>> I build it and have a copy uploaded to my site:
>> http://familiehaase.de/cywgin/joe/
>> One question remains, joe is linked against libncurses.a,
>> which is the right package now to list in the 'requires:' section
>> of setup.hint?

> You linked *statically*?  If so, then you only need to "require:" 
> terminfo (runtime). Buildtime dependencies are ncurses and terminfo. 
> However, it hasn't yet been decided whether the "requires:" line should 
> list runtime or buildtime dependencies.  I've been going with buildtime.

Ah, no, I defined no options, so it is linked dynamically, but that is bad,
There was in fact only this ldflag -lncurses which expands to libncurses.dll.a
I'll look if the binary stays small after linking it static.

> If you were to build dynamically, then you need to add 'libncurses6' to 
> both runtime and buildtime dependency lists.

Thank you.


Gerrit P. Haase                            mailto:gp AT familiehaase DOT de

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