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01:24:39 Re: texmf-beta/dialog and ncurses (Charles Wilson)
01:48:55 RE: texmf-beta/dialog and ncurses (Gary R. Van Sickle)
02:38:53 Re: libtool packages (Charles Wilson)
06:30:59 FIGlet (again) (Ebrey, Carl)
09:18:07 Re: FIGlet (again) (Corinna Vinschen)
10:28:22 RE: FIGlet (again) (Ebrey, Carl)
10:56:45 Re: FIGlet (again) (Corinna Vinschen)
10:57:37 upset command line syntax (was Re: broken setup.hint files) (Jason Tishler)
11:04:10 RE: FIGlet (again) (Ebrey, Carl)
11:14:38 Re: FIGlet (again) (Corinna Vinschen)
11:16:44 Re: FIGlet (again) (Corinna Vinschen)
11:19:46 RE: FIGlet (again) (Ebrey, Carl)
11:21:00 RE: FIGlet (again) (Ebrey, Carl)
11:30:35 Re: FIGlet (again) (Jan Nieuwenhuizen)
11:36:13 Re: FIGlet (again) (Corinna Vinschen)
12:15:51 Re: FIGlet (again) (Christopher Faylor)
12:31:13 RE: FIGlet (again) (Ebrey, Carl)
12:35:56 New version of cURL available (Roth, Kevin P.)
16:47:20 Re: FIGlet (again) (Robert Collins)
16:56:44 Re: FIGlet (again) (Charles Wilson)
17:33:37 Re: FIGlet (again) (Robert Collins)
17:40:41 Re: FIGlet (again) (Christopher Faylor)
19:26:54 mount fails (Michael Salmon)
19:36:46 Re: FIGlet (again) (Charles Wilson)
20:50:25 Re: FIGlet (again) (Robert Collins)
21:01:50 Re: mount fails (Brian Keener)
23:17:15 Re: mount fails (Michael Salmon)

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