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Subject: Re: Success report: Setup.exe on Windows 2000.
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 09:35:36 +1100
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From: "Christopher Faylor" <cgf AT redhat DOT com>

> I don't understand.  Why is there an "All" there at all?  The only
> that I've asked for, and have been asking for, is clickable
categories.  I
> wasn't asking for special "All" logic.

The All is a freebie that took me all of an hour.

> I thought that that I had stressed this previously.  I wasn't
> anyone to try to add "All" logic to setup.exe.  I thought you'd argued
> against that, in fact.  It can be easily done by 'upset'.

Cool. I needed something to test my clickable categories code on. An All
category was the easiest way.
The second issue is that (IMO) for users, in a hierarchical environment,
finding a category Full, is less intuitive than a hierarchical container
that encompasses everything. I've the same objection about both things,
so I chose this in an attempt to reduce user confusion. If you feel that
this will cause mroe confusion, then we can reexamine things.

> I don't even understand why we need multiple levels, at least at this
> point.  We already had the ability to put one package in multiple
> categories.  That's all that I was expecting.  The Full category would
> just be a separate category with everything in it.

See above.

> Or, at least that's what I was proposing as a quick fix.  It sounds
> the new version of setup will have more functionality.  I think it
> have been nice (tm) if we could have released something like what I
> envisioned earlier.  I thought that it was a relatively simple thing
> do and that it would have cut back on some user confusion.

I did intend to do just that. However a couple of things intervened.
1) The categories released version of the code is nowhere near as clean
internally, making clickable categories function was painful (I didn't
succeed after a moderate attempt).
2) My time of late has been much less available than I might wish.


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