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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 13:06:10 -0800
From: Stephan Erickson <erickson AT mufassa DOT com>
Organization: Mufassa
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To: cygwin-apps AT cygwin DOT com
CC: mao AT sleepycat DOT com, kaj AT mysql DOT com, brad AT mrunix DOT net
Subject: a few new packages


I'd like to see if there are any existing projects regarding porting
these packages to Cygwin. I can volunteer to maintain one or more of
these. I might take a while to get them done as individual packages (1
month or so). Also I'm new to Cygwin.



category: Database
requires: cygwin
sdesc: "The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library"
ldesc: "High performance database library supporting B+trees, Hash
trees, transactional capabilities and more. More details are available
at sleepycat.com"


category: Database
requires: cygwin
sdesc: "The MySQL Relational Database Management System"
ldesc: "Relational database management system. More details are
available at mysql.com"


category: Libs Net Web
requires: cygwin
sdesc: "The LibWWW world wide web client library"
ldesc: "The W3C LibWWW world wide web client library. More details are
available at http://www.w3.org/Library/"

category: Web Utils
requires: cygwin gd
sdesc: "Webalizer Web Log Analysis"
ldesc: "Generate website hit/visit/page statistics and graphs including
daily and hourly usage, top URLS, top entry pages, top exit pages,
visiting sites, and countries. More details are available at

Note that Qmail is not listed right now, sorry. Too many packages for me
to handle, and Qmail is not an integral part of our application server.

Stephan Erickson
Mufassa Corporation - http://www.mufassa.com
Effortless E-Commerce Solutions for Small Business.

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