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Subject: Re: pkgconfig
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 08:46:55 +1100
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From: "Charles Wilson" <cwilson AT ece DOT gatech DOT edu>

> Okay, that's good.  IIRC, the problems that cropped up before involved
> the fact that /etc/installed.db listed installed packages WITH their
> package path, and package comparison *included* the path:
> And then, when setup tried to compare THAT with the new setup.ini
> specified (for instance)
> setup failed to recognize that those two packages were really just
> different versions of the same pacakge -- it didn't uninstall the old
> one, but DID install the new one, and now installed.db listed TWO
> or some such.  And then, MUCH wackiness ensued -- because some parts
> the code did pathless comparisons, and other parts did not.  Since
> Robert asserts that package comparisons are now done SOLELY on package
> name and NOT path, this 'wackiness' won't happen.  Good enough for me.

Check your installed.db now :}. We need the setup200202 in release to
ensure this though.

> So, the only objections to rearranging the package structure is:
> 1) bandwidth to the mirrors
> 2) conflicts between 'fast' mirrors and 'slow' mirrors
> 3) the multi-repository code when two repositories have the same
> on different local paths.
> 4) repository storage: I've noticed that many mirrors only add new
> tarballs -- they never remove the old tarballs even when sourceware
> removed them.  So, these repositories will have redundant copies of
> relocated packages -- one in the old location and one in the new.  If
> setup.ini doesn't refer to the outofdate locations, then this
> cause US problems; the folks who pay for the disk drives on the
> may worry tho...
> If these are not serious worries, then:

I don't think they are (I have answers for all of 'em) :}. The only
caveat is that the *same* version _should_ not appear in two locations
at once (setup will handle this, but not as 'smartly' as it could).

> 1) I'll wait until the new setup is out for a few days
> 2) I'll move the gettext package from contrib/ to latest/
> If this is successful, then we will have *proven* -- as opposed to the
> armchair analysis that we've been doing in this thread -- that there
> no problem with relocating packages in the repository.  THEN, and
> then, Chris could begin to rearrange things on sourceware -- if he
> to do so.


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