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00:41:09 xfree packages (Ian Burrell)
01:35:15 Re: xfree packages (Christopher Faylor)
02:30:32 RE: Now that the new setup is here... (Robert Collins)
03:35:13 Re: xfree packages (Jan Nieuwenhuizen)
03:39:05 RE: xfree packages (Robert Collins)
03:48:37 Re: xfree packages (Jan Nieuwenhuizen)
04:11:36 MIME format (Angelo Bertolli)
07:05:33 Re: [ANN] updated: apache-1.3.24-1 (Stipe Tolj)
07:17:35 Re: [ANN] updated: apache-1.3.24-1 (Corinna Vinschen)
07:52:27 RE: xfree packages (Harold Hunt)
08:59:49 Re: xfree packages (Earnie Boyd)
12:06:22 Re: [ANN] updated: apache-1.3.24-1 (Charles Wilson)
12:19:54 Re: Now that the new setup is here... (Charles Wilson)
13:02:19 Re: [ANN] updated: apache-1.3.24-1 (Stipe Tolj)
13:16:25 Re: [ANN] updated: apache-1.3.24-1 (Charles Wilson)
13:25:20 Re: [ANN] updated: apache-1.3.24-1 (Christopher Faylor)
14:13:18 RE: xfree packages (Harold Hunt)
14:38:35 w32api update? (Charles Wilson)
15:06:50 Re: w32api update? (Earnie Boyd)
15:09:39 Re: w32api update? (Christopher Faylor)
15:09:47 Re: w32api update? (Earnie Boyd)
15:12:22 Re: w32api update? (Christopher Faylor)
15:23:26 Re: w32api update? (Earnie Boyd)
15:28:15 Re: w32api update? (Earnie Boyd)
15:51:57 Re: w32api update? (Christopher Faylor)
15:57:40 Re: w32api update? (Charles Wilson)
16:17:34 [teilo@cdt.luth.se: Re: [bug?] binary mount point option in setup] (Christopher Faylor)
16:23:21 Re: xfree packages (Ian Burrell)
17:27:56 Re: xfree packages (Charles Wilson)
17:31:34 Re: xfree packages (Christopher Faylor)
17:38:17 Re: xfree packages (Ian Burrell)
20:30:40 Re: xfree packages (Christopher Faylor)
21:11:54 Re: xfree packages (Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc))
23:10:16 cygwin-doc (Joshua Daniel Franklin)

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