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Mail Archives: cygwin-apps/2002/04/12

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02:08:56 setup and C++ STL (Robert Collins)
16:50:07 Fwd: Updates to x86-Interix config files (=?iso-8859-1?q?Danny=20Smith?=)
17:08:33 cygwin port of Pine (Eduardo Chappa)
17:18:38 Re: cygwin port of Pine (Matthew Smith)
17:43:46 Re: cygwin port of Pine (Carl Ebrey)
20:07:53 Re: cygwin port of Pine (Charles Wilson)
22:52:27 RE: cygwin-doc (Joshua Daniel Franklin)
22:55:47 RE: cygwin-doc (Joshua Daniel Franklin)
23:01:58 Re: SGML/XML packages available for testing (Joshua Daniel Franklin)
23:55:45 Re: cygwin-doc (Michael A Chase)

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