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Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 20:54:09 -0400
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To: Matthew Smith <matts AT bluesguitar DOT org>
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Subject: Re: new package offering: zsh
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No -- if zsh can handle cr+lf internally, then let it do so.  Explicitly 
open function files in binary mode -- this will override the "textmode 
mount" which sets the default read mode.

That way, number of bytes reported by stat() will equal the number of 
bytes reported by read().  The buffer thus filled will contain cr+lf -- 
but supposedly zsh can deal with that...


Matthew Smith wrote:

> This sounds perfectly reasonable to me.
> cheers,
> -Matt
>>I know of one issue concerning loading of functions.  Is there another
>>you had in mind?  For the most part, zsh handles cr+lf as if it were lf
>>implicitly.  For loading functions, the code assumes a binary mode, ie:
>>the number of bytes reported by stat() of a file is the number of bytes
>>reported back from read() after reading in the whole file.  On a
>>filesystem mounted in textmode, this isn't always true and can cause the
>>function to not load.  I really feel this is a filesystem attribute
>>issue, but if it's annoying enough for people, I'll loosen the size
>>matching restrictions.  A workaround for now is to strip your functions
>>of all Carriage-Returns, thus only have linefeeds in the file. 

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