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From: "Robert Collins" <robert DOT collins AT syncretize DOT net>
To: "'Earnie Boyd'" <Cygwin-Apps AT cygwin DOT com>
Subject: RE: New setup.exe snapshot
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 23:41:38 +1000
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> -----Original Message-----
> From: cygwin-apps-owner AT cygwin DOT com 
> [mailto:cygwin-apps-owner AT cygwin DOT com] On Behalf Of Earnie Boyd
> Sent: Monday, 10 June 2002 11:37 PM

> > > Perhaps a #define UNICODE before #include <windows.h> would help?
> > 
> > We can't rely on the MS layer for unicode on win9x. Doesn't 
> the above
> > require that? I hesitate to look at multiple binaries either :[.
> > 
> If you wish to continue supporting W9x, and I suppose you do, 
> perhaps an
> alternative binary would suffice, I.E.: A binary with UNICODE and a
> binary without UNICODE?

I'd rather not do that, at least until we have less wishlist items. The
more complexity 'out there', the more support issues. Plus I've not
tried a UNICODE build, so it'll probably raise many more issues all of
it's own.


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