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Message-ID: <3D0A7670.7060200@ece.gatech.edu>
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 19:04:16 -0400
From: Charles Wilson <cwilson AT ece DOT gatech DOT edu>
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To: cygwin-apps AT cygwin DOT com
CC: nwourms AT yahoo DOT com
Subject: Re: Popt package
References: <3D051C3E DOT 8010309 AT ece DOT gatech DOT edu>

Charles Wilson wrote:

> I propose to transfer maintainership of the popt and libpopt0 packages 
> to Nicholas Wourms.  Nicholas has agreed to take over if the list 
> agrees.  I think this is a good move for several reasons:
> 1) one less package for me to maintain (yippee!)
> 2) Nicholas is currently working with Gerritt and Harold to provide db2, 
> db3, and db4 packages.  db, and popt, are both needed for a working 
> setup-installable RPM package, which is Nicholas's focused goal right 
> now.  So there's a certain synergy.
> 3) Nicholas has been working with the folks who maintain RPM -- and popt 
> -- so he is in a better position than I to push bugfixes to popt upstream.
> If there are no objections, then today's popt-1.6.4-4 package will be 
> the last one published by me; future ones will come from Nicholas.

Hearing no objections, I hereby decree that Nicholas is the new popt 
maintainer for cygwin.  Unless he backs out, of course.  Nicholas?


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