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Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 09:51:48 -0400
From: Nicholas Wourms <nwourms AT netscape DOT net>
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To: Cygwin Apps <cygwin-apps AT sources DOT redhat DOT com>
Subject: [ITP]: Berkley DB v2

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Gerrit Haase and I will be submitting various versions of the Berkeley DB fo=
r inclusion into the cygwin distribution.  We begin with the Berkley DB2, wh=
ich is the first major revision of the original Berkeley DB.  The version of=
 db-2 is 2.7.7, which is the last stable version released for the db-2 line.=
  There are many projects which can use the db-2, one such project being xem=
acs.  Our intent is to provide the standard database api's in the same manne=
r as redhat does, by partitioning the libraries in their own directory based=
 on revision number.  Post-install will then create symbolic links to the mo=
st current version.  Previous versions can be specified by explicitly declar=
ing the path to the particular version's directory or explicitly linking to=20=
that version.  For example "-L/usr/lib/db2 -ldb" or "-ldb2".  The packages f=
or db-2 are based on packaging method #2 and were done originally by Charles=
 Wilson and Harold Hunt.  We have volunteered to maintain them for them, as=20=
they have other projects to work on.  The packages have been split up into t=
he following:

db2 - core db2
libdb2 - db2 runtime
libdb2-devel - db2 development libraries and utilities

Why this was done is best explained by Chuck, who explained it to me as:

"It's a bit confusing, true -- but it came about in an evolutionary=20
process while Harold and I were refining the db2 and db3.3 packages.=20
Perhaps they are the tonsils or appendices of the evolutionary=20
progression; it isn't clear yet.

The idea was this:  db2-devel MUST contain docu on the utilities it=20
provides.  Also, since the database manipulation programs are version=20
specific (that is, if you have a db2 database, you MUST use=20
db2_checkpoint and db2_archive on it; if all you have is=20
db3.3_checkpoint, then you're up a creek).  So, these utility programs=20
must be able to coexist with newer versions -- hence, they are named=20
"db2_foo" (with symlinks db_foo pointing to them) and they are part of=20
the db2-devel package NOT the db package.  [otherwise, they'd get=20
replaced when you update 'db'].  This way, the unversioned symlinks=20
point to the most-recently-installed utilities, but the versioned=20
utilities are there "forever" -- along with their documentation.

It's just bad luck that once you pull out the runtime libs and put them=20
into fooVER, pull out the utility programs, link libs, and headers and=20
put them into fooVER-devel, all that's left behind in foo is documentation.

If there were, for instance, example programs (NOT versioned utilities)=20
and sample databases, then those would probably go into foo.  (because=20
"examples" are really only meaningful for the "current" version.  Who
cares about sample databases for the 3-year-old db2 format?)"

Which makes perfect sense.  In any event, the packages are now available at:

The setup.hints for the packages:

category: Database
requires: cygwin libdb2
sdesc: "The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v2"
ldesc: "High performance database library supporting B+trees, Hash
trees, transactional capabilities and more. More details are available
at sleepycat.com"

category: Database
requires: cygwin=20
sdesc: "The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v2 - runtime"
ldesc: "High performance database library supporting B+trees, Hash
trees, transactional capabilities and more. More details are available
at sleepycat.com"

category: Database
requires: cygwin libdb2
sdesc: "The Sleepycat Berkeley DB Library v2 - devel"
ldesc: "High performance database library supporting B+trees, Hash
trees, transactional capabilities and more. More details are available
at sleepycat.com"

I have attached db2.README for your reference.


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Runtime requirements:
  cygwin-1.3.10 or newer

Build requirements:
  cygwin-1.3.10 or newer

Canonical homepage:

Canonical download:

Build instructions:
  unpack db-2.7.7-X-src.tar.bz2
    if you use setup to install this src package, it will be
     unpacked under /usr/src automatically
  cd /usr/src
  ./db-2.7.7-X.sh all

This will create:


Files included in libdb2-2.7.7-X.tar.bz2


Files included in libdb2-devel-2.7.7-X.tar.bz2
(symlinks are created by the postinstall script)

  /usr/bin/db_archive.exe     ---> db2_archive.exe
  /usr/bin/db_checkpoint.exe  ---> db2_checkpoint.exe
  /usr/bin/db_deadlock.exe    ---> db2_deadlock.exe
  /usr/bin/db_dump.exe        ---> db2_dump.exe
  /usr/bin/db_load.exe        ---> db2_load.exe
  /usr/bin/db_printlog.exe    ---> db2_printlog.exe
  /usr/bin/db_recover.exe     ---> db2_recover.exe
  /usr/bin/db_stat.exe        ---> db2_stat.exe
  /usr/include/db.h      ---> db2/db.h
  /usr/lib/libdb.a       ---> libdb2.a
  /usr/lib/libdb2.dll.a  ---> libdb2.dll.a

Files included in db-2.7.7-X.tar.bz2



Port Notes:

----- version 2.7.7-3 -----
= Port officially released, now maintained by Nicholas Wourms and
  Gerrit P. Haase.

----- version 2.7.7-2 -----
= Static and import libraries renamed to "libdb2*" so that they
  can coexist with the libraries from db-3.x.
= include files installed into /usr/include/db2/ for the same reason.
= Headers and static/import libraries now have their own package:
= Utility programs were renamed from "db_*.exe" to "db2_*.exe"
  so they can coexist with the ones from version 3.
= A postinstall script creates symlinks for the "original" 
  names/locations, so that "-ldb" and "#include <db.h>"
  still work.

These changes were based on the packaging structure of the
Mandrake and Red Hat RPMS for these packages.  (They've figured
out the problems and found a solution; let's copy theirs...)

----- version 2.7.7-1 -----
Initial release.

Cygwin port maintained by: Nicholas Wourms <nwourms AT netscape DOT net> &
               Gerrit P. Haase <gp AT familiehaase DOT de>


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