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Message-ID: <3D10CDA2.3040907@ece.gatech.edu>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 14:29:54 -0400
From: Charles Wilson <cwilson AT ece DOT gatech DOT edu>
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To: Nicholas Wourms <nwourms AT netscape DOT net>
CC: Cygwin Apps <cygwin-apps AT sources DOT redhat DOT com>
Subject: Re: [ITP]: Berkley DB v2
References: <3D108C74 DOT 5040907 AT netscape DOT net>

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

> Gerrit Haase and I will be submitting various versions of the Berkeley 
> DB for inclusion into the cygwin distribution.  We begin with the 
> Berkley DB2, which is the first major revision of the original Berkeley 
> DB.  The version of db-2 is 2.7.7, which is the last stable version 
> released for the db-2 line.  There are many projects which can use the 
> db-2, one such project being xemacs.  Our intent is to provide the 
> standard database api's in the same manner as redhat 

Red Hat  <g>

> does, by 
> partitioning the libraries 

libraries^Winclude files

> in their own directory based on revision 
> number.  Post-install will then create symbolic links to the most 
> current version.  Previous versions can be specified by explicitly 
> declaring the path to the particular version's directory or

directory or^W^Wheader directory, AND ...

> explicitly 
> linking to that 


> version.  For example "-L/usr/lib/db2 -ldb" or "-ldb2".  

No.  -I/usr/include/db2 (to get the right headers when compiling) and 
-ldb2 when linking is the only way to ALWAYS get db2.

There is no /usr/lib/db2/ directory.

If you don't specify any special -I dir for db headers (e.g. only look 
in the "standard" /usr/include place) and just use -ldb as your link 
flag -- you'll get "the most recent" db library, thanks to the symlinks. 
  Right now, that's db2.  Later it will be db3.3, and even later you'll 
get db4.0.

> The packages for db-2 are based on packaging method #2 and were done 
> originally by Charles Wilson and Harold Hunt.  We have volunteered to 
> maintain them for them, as they have other projects to work on.  The 
> packages have been split up into the following:

> http://today.clemson.edu/cygwin/release/db/db2/setup.hint
> http://today.clemson.edu/cygwin/release/db/db2/db-2.7.7-3.tar.bz2
> http://today.clemson.edu/cygwin/release/db/db2/db-2.7.7-3-src.tar.bz2
> http://today.clemson.edu/cygwin/release/db/db2/libdb2/setup.hint
> http://today.clemson.edu/cygwin/release/db/db2/libdb2/libdb2-2.7.7-3.tar.bz2 
> http://today.clemson.edu/cygwin/release/db/db2/libdb2-devel/setup.hint
> http://today.clemson.edu/cygwin/release/db/db2/libdb2-devel/libdb2-devel-2.7.7-3.tar.bz2 

Looks good to me (of course <g>)  +1 from me.  The only "errors" I see 
are in your email, not the packages or the readme.  :-)


P.S. Thanks for doing this.

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