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Message-Id: <200502211445.j1LEjqGC020264@delorie.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 14:49:28 +0100
From: Juan Manuel Guerrero <juan DOT guerrero AT igd DOT fhg DOT de>
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To: djgpp-announce AT delorie DOT com
Subject: ANNOUNCE: DJGPP port of GNU Texinfo 4.8
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  This is a port of GNU Texinfo 4.8 to MSDOS/DJGPP.

  Texinfo is a package for writing documentation, with tools to produce the
  on-line and printed docs in several formats.  Most GNU packages come with
  their docs written and produced by Texinfo programs.  The docs written as
  part of the DJGPP project also use Texinfo.

  See the file NEWS for a list of major changes in the current release.

  DJGPP specific changes.

  - djdev203 specific:
    No changes at all.

  - djdev204 specific:
    The source package contains a copy of the new popen.c file taken 
from the
    cvs source tree of djdev204 (2004-12-08). A special configure batch file
    has been added that will automatically compile this file and replace the
    brocken popen.o and pclose.o implementations from djdev204. This applies
    only if the sources are configured for djdev204 instead of djdev203.
    Binaries compiled with djdev203 do not need this change because their
    popen()/pclose() implementation is not brocken.

  Compiling the sources.

  - If you compile the sources with djdev203, you must proceed as usual 
    the following commands from the top srcdir, this is texinfo4.8:
      make check
      make install

    No test of the testsuite shall fail.

  - If you compile the sources with djdev204 it will be essential to
    reconfigure sources because the distributed one have been configured for
    djdev203. For this purpose you **must** delete the cache file 
    or you will get a broken binary.
    Due to the actually broken popen() from beta djdev204 the configuration
    batch file (xp-config.bat) will modify the /lib/Makefile in such a 
way that
    the distributed popen.c file is compiled into the libtxi.a library 
file and
    linked instead of the broken implementations of the ones from the beta
    version of djdev204.

    In conclusion, to rebuild the sed binary with djdev204 to get a binary
    usefull for WinXP run the following commands from the top srcdir 
      rm config.cache
      make check
      make install

    Please note that the removing of the cache file is essential. It should
    also be noticed that xp-config.bat shall be used to configure the 
    or the /lib/Makefile will not be modified in the correct way producing a
    broken binary.
    No test of the testsuite shall fail.
    Please do **not** report anything to <bug-texinfo AT gnu DOT org>, if there
    are problems with this port there are probably djdev204 originated 
and must
    be discussed and solved here.

    As usual, all djgpp specific files (config.bat, diffs, readme files, 
    are located in the /djgpp subdir.

  The port consists of the usual three packages produced using stock 
  that can be downloaded from ftp.delorie.com and mirrors as (timestamp 

    Texinfo 4.8 binary, info and man format documentation:

    Texinfo 4.8 dvi, html and ps format documentation:

    Texinfo 4.8 source:

  For the convenience of the WinXP users the binaries has been produced a
  second time using the djdev204 beta library. This package is available
  at ftp.delorie.com and mirrors as (timestamp 2005-01-31):

    Texinfo 4.8 binary, info and man format documentation:

  Send texinfo specific bug reports to <bug-texinfo AT gnu DOT org>
  Send suggestions and bug reports concerning the DJGPP port to
  comp.os.msdos.djgpp or <djgpp AT delorie DOT com>.


    Guerrero, Juan Manuel <juan DOT guerrero AT igd DOT fhg DOT de>

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