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Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 16:43:15 +0300
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Subject: Upcoming gcc-3.1
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gcc-3.1 prerelease snapshots seems to build and work Ok for DJGPP as far as I 
have tested (C, C++, Fortran and Objective C). 

One can look for my latest build at:

(Some files are on machine where I'm writting this mesage now and are available 
only when it's running Linux)

As earlier I have not done anything about Java support.

With rather big hacking (manual copying files, running separately make
in some subdirectories, etc) it is possible to build ADA compiler but it seems 
to be to far from being working, so perhaps I have no choice rather to leave it 
out. I don't use Ada (really don't know it and don't want to learn it), so  
somebody else should perhaps fix that.


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