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Mail Archives: djgpp-workers/2002/05/26

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02:09:47 Re: refresh++ (Andrew Cottrell)
05:37:39 Re: emacs under w2k (Richard Dawe)
05:42:24 Re: refresh++ (Richard Dawe)
05:57:09 Re: emacs under w2k (Eli Zaretskii)
07:22:52 Re: PATCH: fcntl and F_GETFL, mark 2 (Richard Dawe)
08:00:50 Re: refresh++ (Martin Str|mberg)
08:10:40 Re: emacs under w2k (Andrew Cottrell)
08:33:05 Re: emacs under w2k (Eli Zaretskii)
09:51:38 Re: emacs under w2k (CBFalconer)
12:01:19 gcc 3.1 and some test suite problems (Richard Dawe)
12:05:03 Re: refresh++ (Richard Dawe)
12:23:51 Re: refresh++ (Martin Stromberg)
13:26:17 tests/libc/posix/unistd/append.c - fails (Richard Dawe)
13:26:18 tests/libc/posix/fcntl/open.c - Unexpected success? (Richard Dawe)
13:32:59 Some fixes for non-libc warnings (Richard Dawe)
13:55:29 DJGPP CVS & gcc 3.1 [patch included] (Richard Dawe)
13:56:37 Re: GCC 3.1 & CVS LIBC failure (Richard Dawe)

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