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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 21:15:57 +0200
From: Laurynas Biveinis <lauras AT softhome DOT net>
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Subject: Re: GCC 3.2 building with 2.04 trouble on W2K (NTVDM crash)
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> Get the source for src/libc/go32/dpmiexcp.c and put show_call_frame
> in your own wrapper.  (I'm sure this had been done before, but I 
> don't see a way to do it in the current source).

Maybe an obvious question but does 'put show_call_frame in your own
wrapper' imply that simply removing 'static' is not good enough?

I've tried using this function, but all I get is:

_open() failed:
filename = c:/devel/djgpp/tmp/dj410000
oflag = 901
DOS error code = 5
Call frame traceback EIPs:

Any ideas about this output? Stack corruption? Deep magic somewhere?

> Are there any files left in this directory?  Does cleaning it out help?

It doesn't seem to have any impact.

> What service pack are you running?

SP3 with all pre-SP4 fixes.


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