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Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 21:10:55 +0200
From: Laurynas Biveinis <lauras AT softhome DOT net>
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Subject: Re: GCC 3.2 building with 2.04 trouble on W2K (NTVDM crash)
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> One idea is to put a call to `getch' conditioned by the specific way
> that it fails.  When getch is called, the program is put on hold until
> you hit a key.  I'd then suggest to open another DOS box and look
> around in the directory where it tries to create the response file.
> Are there any files there? how many? is dj410000 one of them? can you
> create a file by that name in the same directory with some other
> program, like `touch'?

I've tried getch() and scanf() to no avail, with or without clearing
keyboard buffer in advance :( I don't understand that at all. Also
I've tried system("") but that didn't work neither. (Maybe because
system() isn't reentrant?..). printf() or fprintf does work in that
code path, however keyboard does not. I kinda suspect silly
programming error from my side, but I've double-checked it...

I guess I'll find out how fixincludes works and try narrowing testcase


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