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Subject: Re: MS DOS Command Configuration
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Nick Korfiatis wrote:
> I have downloaded some ported gnu/unix utilities for windows but can
> only run under command line. The problem is that i don't know how to
> configure the paths for each executable. For example i want the
> command "winclip" to activate the program C:\unxutils\winclip.exe Can
> enyone help me ???

You have a herd of choices.  One is to specify the full path in
the command line.  Another is to put that directory on the path. 
Still another is to use 4dos and have an alias that completes the
path - logically the same as specifying the full path, but you
don't have to remember anything..  Yet another is to put a one
line .bat file somewhere that is on the path to launch the
application.  Again, logically the same thing.

If your aim is to have a clickable desktop icon then you simply
set the appropriate properties, which again is the same thing with
an intrinsically broken interface.

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