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Faster for me to explain than to find some web site for you.
Can you put all the commands you want to run in one folder ("C:\unxutils\"
in your case), you can put that folder in your path?

example: Open C:\Autoexec.bat in a text editor. Now back it up (save it
under another name like save-as 'autoexec.old' or so) before you do anything
to it... just in case you need the old one again.

Do you see the line that says "PATH= .....<whatever/>  ??

Add your 'unxutils' at the end of the list after a ';' Example:
PATH=C: \Windows;C:\DJGPP\bin;C:\unxutils

Then REBOOT and try it out at the prompt anywhere. Is this what you wanted?

This might be the wrong newsgroup, by the way. Did you know that there is an
'alt.msdos' newsgroup special for just such questions?


"Nick Korfiatis" <nkorf AT aueb DOT gr> wrote in message
news:ef9a3dee DOT 0204011307 DOT bd17d86 AT posting DOT google DOT com...
> Hi
> I have downloaded some ported gnu/unix utilities for windows but can
> only run under command line. The problem is that i don't know how to
> configure the paths for each executable. For example i want the
> command "winclip" to activate the program C:\unxutils\winclip.exe Can
> enyone help me ???
> Thanks
> Nick Korfiatis
> Department of Management Science & Technology
> Athens University of Economics and Business
> http://istlab.dmst.aueb.gr/~nkorf

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