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Subject: string6.h ?
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 17:22:13 +0100
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I've had an awfully good look around using both Steve Heller's site and DJ's
as well as much Googling but no joy so please excuse me if this is one of
those "not again" questions.

I'm working my way through Steve'e C++ book (on-line using Oreilly Safari
hence no book cover CD) and having trouble compiling the string program
using the header file string6.h.

I know it's not my code as I've tried it with Steve's off his website :
but I'm getting

undefined reference to 'string::string()'
undefined reference to 'operator>>(std::iostream&, string&)'
undefined reference to 'operator>>(std::iostream&, string const&)'
undefined reference to 'string::~string()'

I used the link picker to download the DJGPP and RHIDE files and I suspect
that it may be a later version than the one included with the book.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Andrew Hussey

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