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wormscoffer <ajhussey AT hotmail DOT com> wrote:
: I know it's not my code as I've tried it with Steve's off his website :
: http://www.steveheller.com/whos/code/basic07.cc
: but I'm getting

: undefined reference to 'string::string()'
: undefined reference to 'operator>>(std::iostream&, string&)'
: undefined reference to 'operator>>(std::iostream&, string const&)'
: undefined reference to 'string::~string()'

: I used the link picker to download the DJGPP and RHIDE files and I suspect
: that it may be a later version than the one included with the book.

: Any ideas would be appreciated.

Try using gcc2*b.zip and gpp2*b.zip instead of gcc3*b.zip and

If that works, the code isn't complying to the latest standard.



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