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Subject: Re: Preprocessor directives
Date: 2 Apr 2002 10:27:31 -0800
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I don't think what he is trying to find is just the info about
but the info about how to detect the OS and/or compiler releases from
a program.
The best answer to this could be provided by Mr. DJ Delorie

My interpretation is that there are certain COMMAND - LINE MACROS
(similar to #define's) defined / provided by the executable(???)
script which invokes the compiler.

For example, there is one script - I don't remember the filename - in
DJGPP environment which sets these parameters like the type of machine
(-D__i386__ -Di386), the operating system being used (-D__MSDOS__
-DMSDOS) kind of things. I think DJ should be able to throw some more
light on it.....

Kunal Gangakhedkar
(kgangakhedkar AT softhome DOT net)

DJ Delorie <dj AT delorie DOT com> wrote in message news:<200204020303 DOT g3233Zt12075 AT envy DOT delorie DOT com>...
> > Where can a person find these low-level commands?  (I'm assuming their
> > low-level commands.)
> Are you talking about clrscr?  If so, type "info libc a clrscr" at the
> DOS prompt (or "info libc f" for a list of functional categories, one
> of which is conio).

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