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From: Tim Nicholson <djgpp AT gizzy DOT co DOT uk>
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Subject: Using DJGPP in Redhat Linux
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 21:30:40 +0000 (UTC)
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I am looking for any hints or tips regarding the installation and use of 
DJGPP on a Linux box.  
I am using Red Hat 7.2 - I have read through DJ's Read-me on the subject 
and the relevant bits of the FAQ - It all looks pretty reasonable. But, I 
thought I would just check here to see if there were any more useful tips 
(or horror stories) before I go for it! 
This is what I want to achieve...... 
1. Develop and compile/link complex C and simple ASM sources for execution 
on an embedded MS-DOS platform. 
2. Use the Rhide development environment to manage the project I already 
have the linux version of Rhide up and running - Robert has done a great 
job of porting this - (I just cannot get on with emacs, besides, I am very 
familiar with using Rhide in DOS) 
3. Include the allegro library functions and other libraries (I have source 
for all of them) 
Any tips, pointers, do's, dont's, can's, cant's etc. would be very much 
Why am I doing this - I recently loaded up Red Hat at home and have gotton 
so hooked with the whole linux feel, that I want to use it at work too! - 
The thing is, I develop in DJGPP all day so, if I want to be rid of Windows 
at work, I need to make DJGPP work on linux - Now there's an incentive! 

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