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okay, first off I know that if my program is working fine in Windows but 
not in DOS it usually means that there are pointer bugs in my program, 
BUT, i have initialized a VESA2.0 screen (which returns a pointer to RAM 
that acts as the primary draw surface) which I am %110 sure that the 
pointer is valid (cuz after all, i can draw on it in Windows and 
actually see the results) and then I try to clear it to black via this call:

memset( memPtr, 0, width*height*bitDepth>>3 );

now on windows this works fine, but on plain DOS it chokes on this exact 
line (via symify).  nothing else is happening to the pointer as I 
printf-ed its location right before memset-ting it...

i have also tried reducing the amount of memory it zeroes by changing 
width, height, and bitDepth to smaller numbers but to no avail.

so what is the dealeo?

thnx for any help which you may provide.

PS.  why doesn't symify give line numbers on a traceback anymore??  it 
still gives function names (although mangled up cuz of C++) and 
filenames, but the line number is always 0 now.  i guess it has 
something to do with my upgrading to GCC 3.0.3?  any fixes??

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