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Subject: Re: Using DJGPP in Redhat Linux
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On Tue, 2 Apr 2002, DJ Delorie wrote:

> > DJGPP is (more or less) GCC and libc.a and you most probably already
> > have gcc installed. And you most surely have Linux libc.so installed.
> I think he was referring to a cross compiler, in which case you'd need
> to build a cross gcc and get libc.a and stuff from djgpp's files.

I have binaries of Linux to DJGPP cross-compiler available, but they 
are in form of packages for Slackware distribution, but hopefully 
should be useable also for other distributions new enough:


Cross-compiler itself


You also need for these packages:

DJGPP header files at

contents of DJGPP lib directory at 
(except gcc-lib subdirectory of course)


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