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Date: 03 Apr 2002 07:58:37 GMT
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Subject: Re: help with inline AT&T assembly
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sorry, I forgot to specify the variables:

char* A;
unsigned int* D;
unsigned int x,min;
register unsigned int j,row,q;
j is ebx , row is esi , q is edi

and then I had several errors , I don't like the AT&T-syntax. 
Here is , what finally worked but gave only a speed improvement
of about 30% on my K6/2 :

//j=0;label1:j+=A[q+row];row=D[row];if(j<min && row!=x) goto label1;

m12:__asm__ __volatile__ ("
        pushl %%ecx
        pushl %%edx
        pushl %%eax
        movl %1,%%ecx
        movl %2,%%edx
        addl %%edi,%%ecx
        xorl %%ebx,%%ebx
        jmp label1
        .p2align 4,,7
label1: movzbl (%%ecx,%%esi),%%eax
        movl (%%edx,%%esi,4),%%esi
        addl %%eax,%%ebx
        cmpl _x,%%esi
        je label2
        cmpl _min,%%ebx
        jb label1
label2: popl %%eax
        popl %%edx
        popl %%ecx

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