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Subject: Re: making dxe2gen with clio.rice.edu binaries -or- "undefined reference
to 'operator'"?
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 2002 19:34:24 +0300
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deckerben wrote:
> Now I understand. GPP is a c++-flavoured compiler and GCC is a C-flavoured
> compiler.
> So libstdc++ is the standard c++ definitions library... I found all the info
> under %DJGPP%\..\gnu\gcc-3.04\libstdcxx ... explains all about it. I just
> need to have the time to read it all :-)
> The problem is that many packages that have not been updated do not
> understand the need to link with this library. Many makefiles just call gcc
> for everything.
> Is there a way to configure GCC to link with libstdc++ automaticly or send
> the code to GPP if needed?

For a well-written Makefile, saying "make CC=gpp" should be enough.

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