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Subject: SPAWNed child-DLM shares what Parents have?
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Dear Guru,

I am working on an assignment given by my university.
There is a project of accounting software package.
I am instructed to develop all this in a manner where one component of 
the package invokes another using spanwn() series.
I find that much of the stuff of User-Interface and Other Common 
Routines are being re-used in each component. (Just duplicating!)
So I planned to incorporate some Dynamic-Linking-System into my project.
DLM technology seems to be best but I've a question.

Does each 'spawned' child-EXE-component loads its own copy of DLM 
libraries even Parent has already loaded them ?

If the answer is yes, I will not get what I want.
My package is to do all this in the same Virtual-Machine (VM) of Win32. 
(Restriction imposed by DJGPP FAQ Edition 2.30, section 8.15)
So Child should share in-memory-copy of libraries its parent(s) have. 

I have used Borland PowerPack at my University and found that 
DOS/Windows DLL can  also be shared by DOS programs even among 
different VMs as long as a Windows DLL doesn't make calls to Windows 
user interface or graphics functions. The Borland Paradox Engine is an 

I will be grateful if you help me to locate some other C++ package in 
this case.

Please reply me directly on (EMAIL) mhpia AT lhr DOT paknet DOT com DOT pk

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