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Subject: DOS version and Audio Card for DOS\DJGPP\ALLEGRO application
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I'm developing a little application with DJGPP and Allegro and it will be
used in an embedded mp3 player.
I'm developing it in a DOS windows under windows98 and everythig goes quite
When i tried to move in a pure DOS mode i had problems with DPMI (i didn't
know its functions and its existence) and with my audio card (integrated in
the mainboard, under windows is quite ok but it gave to me a lot of troubles
with DOS, i'm still unable to listen sound from old DOS game, too). I
surrender in configuring my audio card for DOS (because who sold me the
mainboard told me that to do that i have to modify BIOS configuration, but
this will make windows unstable) and i decided to build up my embedded
machine to start testing my program *on field* (anyway this program will be
used in this embedded machine, not on my main computer).

These are the question:

Which DOS should i use? I wish to have a very fast boot and i need a
operating system compatible with DPMI and my program, developed with DJGPP.
FreeDos is OK?
DOS 6.0 is better?
DOS included with Win95 will give me troubles?
If not how i can configure autoexec/config to order my machine to start with
DOS instead of Win95 (for obvious reason i can't press F5 and select step by
step every time i boot up)
If Win95 DOS will give me troubles where could i find in the net other DOS
(such as FreeDos or DOS 6.0)

Wich Audio Card should i use? I have an old audio card and probably i will
try to use it but sound card are cheap and i can buy one if the difference
is visible (the embedded computer will do nothing else than playing files).
It should be Allegro compatible (Sound Blaster should be compatible, i
think) and very easy to configure under pure DOS, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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