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Subject: Re: DOS version and Audio Card for DOS\DJGPP\ALLEGRO application
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Nirvana <nir_vana AT libero DOT it> wrote:
: Which DOS should i use? I wish to have a very fast boot and i need a
: operating system compatible with DPMI and my program, developed with DJGPP.
: FreeDos is OK?

FreeDOS should be ok. DJGPP program works fine there for me.

: Wich Audio Card should i use? I have an old audio card and probably i will
: try to use it but sound card are cheap and i can buy one if the difference
: is visible (the embedded computer will do nothing else than playing files).
: It should be Allegro compatible (Sound Blaster should be compatible, i
: think) and very easy to configure under pure DOS, any suggestions?

Try the one you have (unless it's the one requiring hardware
modifications). If that doesn't work buy another one, but check
carefully that it supports plain DOZE.

I just tried Soundblaster Live in FreeDOS and it requires EMM memory,
which is one thing FreeDOS doesn't have.

An alternative is Linux.



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