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Tim Nicholson wrote:
> Nirvana wrote:
> snip
> > If not how i can configure autoexec/config to order my machine
> > to start with DOS instead of Win95 (for obvious reason i can't
> > press F5 and select step by step every time i boot up)
> There is a hidden system file in the root directory called
> MSDOS.SYS If you open this in a text editor you will find that it
> is a simple text file. There is an option called BOOTGUI which is
> set to 1. Change this to 0 and your system will then always boot
> into DOS not Win95. (You will need to change the readonly
> attribute before you save!)
> This also works for 98 but not ME / NT or XP
> From DOS, you can start Windows by typing WIN.

The following are the last lines of my autoexec.bat:

@choice /t:y,10 Boot Windows?
@if errorlevel 2 goto end

mode co80


Which gives me 10 seconds to decide, and I can just ignore it and
have the normal windows boot happen.

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