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Subject: R: DOS version and Audio Card for DOS\DJGPP\ALLEGRO application
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I've found MSDOS.sys and i'm going to try it but i'm sure it will work.
Thanks for the advice, it will be very useful anyway in future.

About the operative system i'm going to try FreeDos, if it works properly it
is going to be better than Win95 DOS because in this way i will save a lot
of space in the hard disk (not very big, space is costly and my second hard
disk quite old), any suggestion about where to search for FreeDos?

I already have CWSDPMI, the one suggested by DJGPP developers, about FAT32
with DOS is a great news (i thought FAT32 was windows-only) but the long
file name support is not needed because i didn't know that there is a way to
use it in DOS when i made the application projects so i didn't include it in
the project (obviously modifing the project when i already started writing
the code is a very stupid idea).

About the sound card i will make attention TO NOT BUY SB-LIVE for DOS
I will try the one that i already have (from my old pc), if it gives me
troubles i will check the DOS compatibility for SB16 and i will buy it (i'm
quite sure it is supported by Allegro, i will check it too)

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