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Subject: Re: rhide, gcc, xp and buggy video
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deckerben wrote:

> > GeForce BIOSes fails to implement the VGA save/restore service and it
> > generates really annoying problems with RHIDE.
> This is a problem. Is there anywhere a person can download a list of modern
> software that isn't Microsoft-brainwashed (that is, they officially support
> BIOS and drivers for platforms/environments OTHER than exclusively making
> Microsoft gooey drivers, just so a man has a chance to see what i386
> Linux/SCO/DOS/Solaris/etc options he still has left) ?

That's a complex issue, nVidia supports Linux, you can get a driver from their
site. But looks like they messed something in the GeForce BIOSes. Some time
ago Matrox boards had the same problem and was fixed.


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