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Subject: Re: DOS version and Audio Card for DOS\DJGPP\ALLEGRO application
Date: 6 Apr 2002 12:08:06 GMT
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> I just tried Soundblaster Live in FreeDOS and it requires EMM memory,
> which is one thing FreeDOS doesn't have.

> An alternative is Linux.

>           MartinS

By EMM, you mean expanded memory, as opposed to extended?  I thought expanded
memory was long outdated, though memory managers may still be able to emulate
expanded memory.  DR-DOS has EMM386.EXE, I guess that would work?  I am not
up-to-date on FreeDOS.

Now I wonder if I can find DOS support for my on-motherboard sound, which is
CT5880, apparently Soundblaster PCI128-compatible (?), which shows in Linux boot
message and in the report from Ralf Brown's PCI program as Ensoniq.

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