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Subject: Re: rhide, gcc, xp and buggy video
Date: Sun, 07 Apr 2002 11:40:40 +1000
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>Is it possible as an workaround not to use this feature (VGA save/restore
>service) in RHIDE/ setedit ? Can You, Andris Pavenis, Robert Höhne or
>anybody else please recomend what and where in rhide should be changed?

Start rhide and seteditor with a "-S" option and the code will
manually save / restore the VGA registors. Check out the code for the
"-S" option and follow the flags set and you can see the differnces.

Please ensure that you are using the Rhiode 1.5.0 snapshot on Win 2K
or XP as this version has less problems than the 1.4.x series. In the
testing I have done the 1.5.0 snapshot works fine under Win 9x, but
occasionaly hangs under XP even with the "-S" option.


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