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Subject: Re: Declaring variables in GAS
Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 17:51:19 +0800
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This is the first time I get it->
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
 int foo1 = 100;

 printf ("%d\n", foo1);
 return 0;



 .file "foo2.c"
 .ascii "%d\12\0"
 .p2align 2
.globl _main
 pushl %ebp
 movl %esp,%ebp
 subl $4,%esp
 movl $100,-4(%ebp)
 movl -4(%ebp),%eax
 pushl %eax
 pushl $LC0
 call _printf
 addl $8,%esp
 xorl %eax,%eax
 jmp L1
 .align 2,0x90

What if I have this situation?
 #include "asmdefs.inc"

.globl start
 movb $0x2, %ah
 movb $0x1, %al
 movb $0x1, %cl
 movb $0x0, %dl
 movb bootbuffer, %bx  <--- how do i load this? if i
                                              don't know the variable
 movb .data, %es   <--- how do i load this?
 int $0x13
 movb $0x4c,%ah
 int $0x21

.globl bootbuffer .byte 512 dup (0)

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