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Subject: AllegroMp3 lib, still in troubles, anyone know.....
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I'm still building my Mp3 player.
I arrived in a good point, i reach to do the main loop with the input
handler, too.
I'm using Djgpp, Allegro and AllegroMp3.
The sound is ok and the program seem to be ok most of the time, i load and
unload correctly my songs and they starts correctly to play but.....

after a bit that i'm using my player, after some loading and unloading
operation and after i listened a bit of some of my songs it, apparently
without any reason, suddenly start to play songs in a corrupted way, every
songs, with a lot of background noise and a bit slower.
So, i reset my program and i run it again but this time it play nothing, the
program runs without any error but also without any sound output.
I reset againg and again, i try exiting from Djgpp but nothing, this last
problem continue until i reset the whole system.

Thanks in advance to whoever has some tips to give to me.

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