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Subject: Re: Preprocessor directives
Date: 7 Apr 2002 06:12:52 -0700
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Could you just elaborate on this a little bit??
I mean, what is the spec file used for??
This file contains the defined macros like -A(__i386__) -D__MSDOS__ etc.

If it is built into the compiler then how do you find out about them??
One option is -v, but this is specific to GNU C compilers.
What about other compilers like Watcom, Borland??

Pls. try to reply as comprehensively as possible.

One more question - in no relation with this topic.
How can I view & post messages offline??
I generally do it through Google groups.
But it is cumbersome.
Is there any free Usenet Server which supports offline browsing??

Kunal Gangakhedkar
(kgangakhedkar AT softhome DOT net)
(kgangakhedkar AT hotpop DOT com)

DJ Delorie <dj AT delorie DOT com> wrote in message news:<200204021832 DOT g32IWW421701 AT envy DOT delorie DOT com>...
> > For example, there is one script - I don't remember the filename - in
> > DJGPP environment which sets these parameters like the type of machine
> > (-D__i386__ -Di386), the operating system being used (-D__MSDOS__
> > -DMSDOS) kind of things. I think DJ should be able to throw some more
> > light on it.....
> Sorry, it's built in to the compiler.  Use "gcc -v ..." to see what's
> being defined, as I said before.

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