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Subject: Re: rhide, gcc, xp and buggy video - congratulations
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 06:33:36 +0200
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Thanks a lot. I stoped trying -S option as it does not worked before.
Now it works!!
I am using rhide 1.5.0 on Win 95, nVidia GeForce 2 mx200.


"Andrew Cottrell" <andnews AT ihug DOT com DOT oz DOT au> píse v diskusním príspevku
news:hl8vaus2evpuk1q6v7bk850bncvlubc3ol AT 4ax DOT com...
> >
> >Is it possible as an workaround not to use this feature (VGA save/restore
> >service) in RHIDE/ setedit ? Can You, Andris Pavenis, Robert Höhne or
> >anybody else please recomend what and where in rhide should be changed?
> Start rhide and seteditor with a "-S" option and the code will
> manually save / restore the VGA registors. Check out the code for the
> "-S" option and follow the flags set and you can see the differnces.
> Please ensure that you are using the Rhiode 1.5.0 snapshot on Win 2K
> or XP as this version has less problems than the 1.4.x series. In the
> testing I have done the 1.5.0 snapshot works fine under Win 9x, but
> occasionaly hangs under XP even with the "-S" option.
> Andrew

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