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Subject: Re: Preprocessor directives
Date: 8 Apr 2002 05:59:49 -0700
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> I think most (if not all) MS-DOS compilers have __MSDOS__ defined.
> However, you will have to verify that for each compiler you want to be 
> supported by your program.  It's easy once you have the compiler 
> available--just write a simple source file that uses #ifdef __MSDOS__, 
> and see if the conditional part is compiled.
> Since you cannot really say a certain compiler is supported without 
> trying to compile the program with that compiler, checking whether it 
> supports __MSDOS__ is the least of your trouble.

But again, the same question arises, how do I find out how and what
all things (in this context of OS)are supported by the compiler, if
there isn't a general way of doing these things??

Then only can I finalise or choose a proper compiler.
If a compiler does not provide what I want, then there is no way I'll
use it
(or test it for that matter...)

> Most Windows compilers have _WIN32 defined, IIRC.
This is a general Win32 macro to detect the presence of Win32 bit
It does not say anything about whether it is NT or 9x.

I think, Mr. DJ should be able to answer it...

Kunal Gangakhedkar
(kgangakhedkar AT softhome DOT net)
(kgangakhekar AT hotpop DOT com)

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